Out of Jerusalem Medley

In former times at the Feast

Feast of Tabernacles


Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

Yasis Alaich

Schindler's List

Schindler's List

Blessing Melody



Concert Halls
where Popov Family has performed:
  • "Casino" Konzert Halle (Basel Switzerland)
  • Sydney Opera House (Australia)
  • "Congress Hall" Washington (USA)
  • "Bolsoi" and "Kirov" Theaters (Russia)
  • "Metropolitan" Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
  • ICC - International Convention Center Jerusalem (Israel)

CDs and DVDs available:


24 favorites of the last decade
(2 CDs)
CD 1: Classical Violin
CD 2: Folk and Traditionals

These two CDs are the result of an entire decade of worship through music. Some of these songs we wanted to re-record in order to give them a fresh sound and approach. The rest are left in their original form because we felt they could not be improved upon.

I believe

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1 (CD)
  1. I believe
  2. Ancient Days
  3. Sisu et Yerushalaim
  4. Duo
  5. Adon Olam Asher Malach
  6. Parents' Home
  7. Ray of Hope
  8. Confession of Heart
  9. Time
  10. As the Deer
  11. Peace to You
  12. Praise Medley

Tears and Joy
"Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy" Psalm 126:2 (CD)
  1. At that day
  2. The Melody of Love
  3. Adagio
  4. Hava Nezter
  5. Choconne
  6. Praise the Lord
  7. Tears
  8. Gentless
  9. Inspired by eternity
  10. Medley from Israel
  11. When we are together
  12. Wonderful meeting

Comfort my people
A Prayer with violine dance and drama behalf of Isaiah 40:1. (DVD)
  1. Morning Bird
  2. Prayer of Moses
  3. Hallelu
  4. Yasis Alaich
  5. Doina
  6. Blessing Melody
  7. Crown of Thorns
  8. Schindler's List
  9. Kyrie
  10. Long Way Home
  11. Daughter of Zion
  12. Priestly Blessing

The Long Way Home
Where does our long path lead us? - Hope and faith will give you life, and will carry you up to Jerusalem. (CD)
  1. Palladium
  2. Prayer
  3. Kyrie
  4. Sh'ma
  5. Jewish Medley
  6. Mother's Love
  7. Schindler's List
  8. Passacaglia
  9. The Long Way
  10. Sanctuary
  11. Rejoice, Daughter of Zion
  12. Jerusalem (The City of David)

When we are together
Music based on compositions by G. Mustya, Di Blasio, M. Isotov, D. Dzualij and other traditional hymns. (CD)
  1. Sing Halleluya
  2. Prayer in Gethsemany
  3. Childhood memories
  4. You are my hiding place
  5. The heavenly home
  6. God bless all nations
  7. Golgatha
  8. My parent's house
  9. Lake of Genesareth
  10. When we are together

Christmas Adagio
Classical masterpieces based on composition by F. Schubert, C.W. Gluck, B. Marchello, J.S. Bach, V. Monti and others (CD)
  1. Ave Maria, F. Schubert
  2. Serenade, F. Schubert
  3. Adagio, B. Marchello
  4. Ave Maria, J.S. Bach
  5. Adagio, J. Albinoni
  6. Blessing melody, H. Gluck
  7. Arie, J.S. Bach
  8. Joke, J.S. Bach
  9. Hardash, V. Monti
  10. Adagio, J. Rodrigo

On the streets of Jerusalem
Traditional melodies from Jerusalem give a taste of the "Eternal City". (CD)
  1. On the streets of Jerusalem
  2. As the violin weeps
  3. Yasis Alaich, Baruh ABBA
  4. Avinu Malkeinu, Hineh Mah Tov
  5. Ose Shalom, Yismechu Hashamayim
  6. Jerusalem
  7. Freilach
  8. Ke ayla Ta arog
  9. Od Yishama, Hava Nagila
  10. Roni, Roni
  11. Shabat shalom Jerusalem
  12. Kadosh, Ram Vinisa